The Way at Your Hands

Two unique monuments of the Way to the End can be visited with augmented reality, increasing the information about the Romanesque of San Xián de Moraime, near Muxía, or the Gothic sailor of Santa María das Areas, in Fisterra. We can access the explanation of the old wall paintings of Moraime and recognize the Holy Christ of Fisterra, «saint with the golden beard».

San Xián de Moraime

San Xián de Moraime is the main monumental complex of the Muxía-Fisterra Way. This monastery is what it is thanks to Alfonso Reimúndez, then Alfonso VII, who was hidden here during his childhood, protected by the Archbishop of Santiago, Diego Gelmírez, and by Pedro Froilaz, Count of Traba. In 1119, the king commands the restoration of the monastery, which had been destroyed by an Almoravid attack. During the 12th century, the church was built with the sponsorship of the House of Traba and the kings Alfonso VII and Fernando II. Around 1200, they finished the sculpted gates.

Main façade
South gate
South gate (interior)

Santa María das Areas

Leaving Fisterra towards the end of the cape is the temple of Santa María das Areas, a Romanesque church remodelled in the second half of the 14th century.

Holy Christ Chapel
Exterior (back of the church)